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Meet the Medlock Family

Scott and Valerie, a Christian husband and wife team, also known as, “The Killer Duo.” With both of our expertise and knowledge,
The Medlock Crew CAN DO IT ALL! Join our family, where you belong and matter!

Scott Medlock

Scott Medlock, President of Medlock & Associates, developed a history in the senior market and affinity in this specialized niche as he felt seniors were getting guided in the wrong direction. This journey started over 15 years ago from having his own mortgage company. During his tenure of being a mortgage broker, he started specializing in reverse mortgages which focus on helping seniors keep their houses and providing them with capital for a variety of reasons. During the mortgage crisis, the business had changed him as a person.

The trust in the stock market was lost and created a new way of innovating ideas to help others. Scott then decided his focus would be on fully understanding how capital markets work. From the ground up, all facets of the business were studied, so that he could provide this information to help others. This journey has been almost 10 years, as where he found ways to minimize losses and provide growth without risk while minimizing taxation.

The passion to help seniors started to take way due to his parents being in the same situation as other seniors. He saw the frustration and the confusion they were experiencing with all their healthcare and investment options. Scott’s primary focus became providing seniors unbiased opinions on their healthcare and investment guidance. He founded Medlock & Associates to help the Baby Boomer generation feel more at ease as they make an educated decision while transitioning from the work place to a fulfilling retirement.

Valerie Medlock

Valerie, Director of Medlock & Associates, has always been fond of the healthcare industry. She got her Bachelors of Biology with a pre-med emphasis at Eastern New Mexico University. She wanted to become a doctor, as her mother is an Emergency Room Doctor, however, over the years she watched as the healthcare care laws were minimizing a patient’s best interest and putting profit margins first before patients. This geared her to get her Master’s Degree in Public Administration with an emphasis in Healthcare Management and Business. Valerie’s thesis was based on the Baby Boomer generation, which is where her passion for seniors originated.

Upon graduation, Valerie accepted a position as a captive agent for a company that specialized in the senior market. Since her product choices were limited, she could not provide seniors with the best product for every situation. This complicated matters as she felt she could do a better job helping seniors with a variety of options that suited them for their specific needs. Valerie’s parents were reaching retirement age and turned to her for advice on their retirement account.

Since, their account has lost almost half of its value, it delayed their retirement for many years. She was very frustrated seeing her parents go through such a catastrophic chain of events and decided to do something about it. Medlock & Associates was born out of a necessity to help other seniors not experience the same frustration in healthcare and retirement options.