Medlock & Associates focuses in the Senior sector by providing guidance in Medicare Supplements, Medicare Advantage Plans, alternative investment strategies, life insurance, and other ancillary products. We focus on shopping the market place on your behalf, to get you the best value for your money. In this way, Medlock & Associates makes sure that you are put in the RIGHT plan at the RIGHT price. We have learned in our years of expertise that the senior market is among the most misinformed and misguided group of individuals that require the most needed help navigating a broad spectrum of choices.

Dealing with a competitive market and numerous choices, a Senior needs to understand every aspect when it comes to making a decision that can impact their future finances. Information can easily be misconstrued when coming from different sources such as call centers, foreign customer service representatives, doctor offices, senior centers, advertisements, television, and radio. This leads to a Senior being confused and feeling like no one is helping. Medlock and Associates are experts specializing in the Senior market, breaking all aspects down in a way that can be easily understood and remembered.